Emission Certificates, Engine family MPE 850

Quality and environmental awareness belong to the company philosophy of Textron Motors AG. Our engines are light, compact, powerful and efficient, allow high speeds and are still environmentally friendly.

With our spark ignition engines we have achieved great improvements in the area of environmental protection. Due to new technologies our engines run cleaner and quieter, resulting in more comfort and less pollution.

Textron Motors has a complete range of spark ignition marine engines, all of which conform to the new EU and US emission legislations.

Certified engine models:

Engine Model Rated Performance [kW]
SAE J1228
Rated Speed [rpm] Emission Certificates
I2 846 MAR TC-155 113 7500 EU, US-EPA
I2 846 MAR TC-120 92 7500 EU, US-EPA
I2 846 MAR TC-100 75 7200 EU, US-EPA
I2 846 MAR TC-80 59 6600 EU, US-EPA


Emission Certificates:


For more information on EU regulations go to: eur-lex.europa.eu/homepage.html.

For more information on US regulations go to: www3.epa.gov/otaq/marinesi.htm.

For additional information go to: www.ecfr.gov and select TITLE 40, Volume 33 for additional information on US EPA regulations for different applications.