Quality is more than a goal at Textron Motors – it’s a requirement. From our suppliers and service partners, to our employees at all levels of the organization, to our senior management, we constantly assess, optimize and enhance our designs and processes to ensure that the end-product – our engines –exceeds our customers’ expectations. 

We regard quality as a source of our competitive advantage, and invest strategically and heavily to maintain that edge. Our employees are trained and schooled in quality awareness and competence, and are trusted and empowered to be independent, qualified and responsible stewards who can take decisive action at any time to safeguard the quality of our product and our company’s reputation. 

In addition, we employ skilled quality-management representatives who work every day to monitor the implementation and success of our quality objectives and processes, and who ensure that our engines and manufacturing procedures remain in compliance with all relevant safety and quality regulations. 

So when you source a Textron Motors engine, you’re buying more than high performance. You’re powering your product with a German-built, precision-engineered powerplant, from a company that views quality as the fundamental bedrock beneath everything it does