Cutting-edge engine design that delivers multiple application flexibility, compact design, a wide performance range and drive-by-wire technology.

Textron Motors has developed a uniquely compact and powerful 850cc, 2-cylinder 4-stroke engine. Due to its remarkable design, the Textron Motors 4-stroke engines possess a power-to-weight ratio similar to that of two stroke engines but without the disadvantages of high fuel consumption, noise, emission regulations non-compliance and short service life. These powerful but lightweight, highly efficient engine packages are ideal for many automotive and non-automotive applications. Features such as a power take-off on either end of the engine, reversible cylinder head and a broad performance range from 15Kw to 115Kw (20hp to 155hp) allow for engine usage in widely varying applications. Owing to its Flexible Engine Concept, the Textron Motors engines are perfectly suited for passenger cars, ATV’s, snowmobiles, motorcycles and marine applications as well as hybrid drive systems.



    The high power reserve, low operating noise and low emissions of Textron Motors engines has driven us to the top of the marine industry, evidenced by multiple World Championship titles won using our powerplants.


    Combining job-site reliability with a lightweight, compact and efficient engine design was unheard of – until now. The Textron Motors MPE 850 weighs approximately half as much, and uses up to 22 percent less fuel, than larger industrial-engine designs, without sacrificing power or durability.

  • SNOW

    Operation in a snowmobile requires special engine characteristics: Fuel economy, low-temperature capability, dynamics, and reliability. With its 72 hp output, closed-coolant circuit to keep the engine running cool over long periods of use, and unique combination of an electric starter and manual hard-start system to ensure firing in the coldest of weather, the Textron Motors MPE 850 surpasses these requirements with flying colors.


    Many imported off-road engines provide low power capacity and dubious product quality. The German-engineered and built Textron Motors MPE850 breaks these stigmas fulfilling all requirements to power an off-road vehicle: light weight, dynamic power and rugged reliability.


    When paired with our MPE 850 marine engine, the Textron Motors jet propulsion system provides the watercraft builder with maximum performance at minimal weight. A fiber-reinforced composite mount houses a 3-blade stainless-steel progressive pitch impeller, resulting in a system ideal for recreational and professional marine applications.