Based in St. Cloud, MN, USA, Textron Motors’ world-class manufacturing facilities are designed and laser-focused on the production of high-quality, precision powerplants and components, without compromise. 

Our highly trained workforce has the knowledge and creativity to use our cutting-edge, tightly integrated automation technology to its fullest, allowing us to build up to 50,000 engines each year without compromising process safety or manufacturing flexibility. We can adjust our plans and schedules at a moment’s notice, allowing us to react quickly to production modifications or spikes in demand, so that we can reliably and capably respond to the shifting needs of our customers. 

Our engine assembly technology focuses on the concept of complete part traceability. At any given time, our personnel can determine the exact components built into each engine, and under the exact manufacturing conditions. Quality is inherent in every step of our process and in everything we do, not merely tested after the fact. (Although we do that, too – to every engine we build.) 

When you bolt a Textron Motors engine into your product, you will know that it’s been built to exacting specifications and tolerances by highly trained professionals, using the best automation technology available – so that it will perform up to your standards and specifications, each and every time it’s called upon.